Born This Way foundation accused

Lady Gaga have always been accused by people for exploiting vulnerable gay boys with her Born This Way foundation. On Tuesday, the tax filinmgs of the foundations were revealed and it triggered a whole lot of people to accuse Lady Gaga for cheating her way so that she could get some publicity.

Out of the money spent for the charity, there was hardly any money that went for real charity. According to reports, $ 808661 was exhausted on philanthropic consulting that likely involves Lady Gaga’s most favored photographer – i.e. Terry Richardson. Ironically she does not have the best reputation in the industry. Almost $ 80000 dropped for travel expenses. Not just these, there are a whole lot of other eye opening figures that would leave people amazed.

There is even more – on her Born Brave Bus, Gaga shows what is cited to as Message Board of Tolerance. Her colleagues and rooters were supposed to pen down messages of love. Still, this picture reveals 2 of the Born Brave counselors in front of a board which shows such messages like – Murder Sharon Osbourne, Perez Hilton is an ugly fa**ot, Kelly Osbourne has Herpes, Madonna is an old hag and many more.

Now, Gaga could not blame her ruination on her detractors that have multiplied in the last 6 months. She would make a very easy return once she sees who is the source of all her difficulties.