Lady Gaga’s outfit on display at London’s Design Museum

The popular or rather infamous bin bag dress worn by the American pop sensation Lady Gaga, at the promotion of her third studio album, Artpop (ARTPOP) and its launch event art RAVE, is now a part of the Women’s Fashion Power, an exhibition being held at the Design Museum, London. The dress had been designed by Gareth Pugh, the British designer in his studio at London. This attire being made of leather, wool, black polythene and cotton mesh had first been seen at a catwalk in 2013, in Hotel Solomon de Rothschild in Paris.

Pugh when talking about the bin bag dress said that it was a creative attempt to make something unique out of an inexpensive and basic material. The Design Museum’s Head of Curatorial, Donna Loveday said that she was thrilled to have the unique attire of Lady Gaga joining in the lineup of other famous and inspirational women. Speaking highly about the noted singer Loveday further mentioned that Gaga was a successful songwriter, vocalist, pianist, philanthropist and a great performer who inspired the new generation of young women through her music to maintain their individuality and attain self confidence.

Apart from Lady Gaga’s bin bag dress the exhibition will also feature outfits of Princess Charlene of Monaco, Vivienne Westwood and Diane von Furstenberg, who were all very popular for their unique fashion statements. The exhibition that is there till the 26th of April, 2015 has the objective of showing how fashion has been used by famous women to define their position.