Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera perform duet

Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga battled hard as they shared the stage on the United States version of The Voice. Gaga and Aguilera, two of the vocal powerhouses went one on one to sing Lady Gaga’s single Do What U Want in the grand final of the singing contest earlier on Thursday.

Both Lady Gaga and Aguilera, one of the coaches in the show took their turns hitting out the track notes as they smiled and held each other’s hands during stage performance. One time, the Applause singer kept her head on Christina’s chest as she rowed her head before a waiter served them champagne.

At the end of their track, originally sung with R.Kelly, the duo locked arms and drank; before they hit their glasses on ground; and then they hugged.  With inspiration from 70s, Lady Gaga sported a huge match of shoulder pads in a gold disco queen dress while Christina sported a slinky frock.

After their performance, both Gaga and Aguilera took to Twitter and raved with each other. Gaga tweeted: ‘@xtina thank you for performing with me, your heart is as big as your voice. Such a fan for so long, I can’t believe we shared the stage.’

On the other hand, the thirty two year old singer told: ‘She is such a powerhouse vocalist and I was honored to join the stage with @ladygaga tonight on #TheVoice! Xo’

Instagram indirectly warns Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is no stranger to uploading shocking snaps of herself on several social mediums. But, all of Lady Gaga’s antics have become a concern for Instagram. The popular photo sharing site has recently sent a message to Lady Gaga about their concerns about her recent posts that included snaps of handwritten note stating: “each day I cry, I feel so low, from living high” uploaded with the hashtag #DOPE.

Instagram wrote to Gaga stating they wanted to help her. According to reports, an Instagram e-mail said: “Hi, Members of the Instagram community have raised concern for your well-being after seeing posts you’ve shared. We’re re reaching out to provide you with some important safety information.”

In response, Gaga mocked the letter and posted the message to her Twitter followers, stating: “omg at this email INSTAGRAM just sent me…what the actual hell. Hahahahaha.”

The 2 notes the Lady Gaga uploaded to Instagram are believed to be lyrics from the single ‘Dope on her brand new album named ARTPOP. The verses that appear to address drug-taking, has the lines – “Been hurtin’ low from living high…Toast one last puff and two last regrets.”

Earlier this month, she revealed that Dope was the development of a fan single which became a deep confession in her. Both Instagram snaps are uploaded with hash tags “#27daystillARTPOP #DOPE” This is believed to be her new publicity stunt for her ARTPOP album.

Gaga offers her fans a closer look

Lady Gaga, the US pop singer, worked up the promo for her brand new album by posting another promo shot of her on social networking site Twitter with the prosthetic arm that she used during the photoshoot.
Along with the snaps, she posted a tweet: ‘THIS IS THAT ARM’, as she holds it aloft while wearing a visor.” Gaga, 27, is really very excited about the brand new album. She added: ‘i am listening to the album. I know maybe this upsets you, as you’d very much like to hear it.”

In another tweet, she said: ‘i share these personal feelings because IF I HAD TO GO ANOTHER MONTH WITHOUT PLAYING THE NEW MUSIC I THINK ID CHEW MY ARM OFF.’

In an earlier snap, the singer poses topless with her hair covering her bare breast flourishing the prosthetic hand. Lady Gaga also shared a snap from the set of her “Applause” video having directors Vinoodh and Inez, in which she demonstrated quite a pared natural look.

It was another teaser for her Twitter fans in the countdown to the release of the new album called ARTPOP.

In this newest tease, Lady Gaga squats down sporting cropped black colored pants as well as throws the camera a crabby looking gaze. The Born This Way star appears to be totally topless with her lengthy brunette plaits covering her breast as she leans ahead. Even, in the past, she posted pictures promoting her forthcoming album.

Lady Gaga makes a come back

Lady Gaga, the US pop singer, has made her stage come back following her hip operation by joining popular jazz singer Brian Newman at his New York City gig recently. The ‘Marry The Night’ star was forced to call off the remaining event dates of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour earlier in 2013 after suffering a labral tear on her right hip that required a surgery and left the singer wheelchair bound.

The twenty seven year old pop singer surprised the people at jazz singer Brian Newman’s event at Rose Bar in Gramercy Park Hotel in New York on 9th May, 20, Thursday, by joining him on the stage for a rendition of his song ‘Watch Over Me’. Brian Newman was also thrilled perform with Lady Gaga. Later he took to Twitter to share his joy for sharing the stage with the US pop singer. He tweeted: “Thanks to the 1&only @ladygaga for coming out to @GPHhotel tonight an singing a song!! @tommylondon @angiepontani @mrmartye @thedirtypearls. (sic)”

Recently, Lady Gaga was spotted in Chicago with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, The Vampire Diaries actor, as they were on a dinner date. The pop star has also agreed to offer the funds for one of her fan who needs to go through a similar kind of surgery to her own. Nineteen year old Emma C was overwhelmed when Lady Gaga reached out to her after listening about her battle with scoliosis as well as hip dysplasia.

The lady wrote online that Gaga reached out to her and is hooking her up with her team that did her surgery in NYC as Emma have been needing a hip replacement for quite some time. They were planning on flying out this weekend, all expenses paid, for a consult. The gesture is absolutely incredible. Emma broke down sobbing. Words could not describe how incredibly blessed she is.

Lady GaGa is really impressive

Lady Gaga,the US pop singer, has been praised for being very impressive in recording studio. Recentlt French DJ Madeon spoke to a leading entertainment website and told that Lady Gaga gave “everything” during their recording sessions for her forthcoming album named ARTPOP.

During Sony Xperia Z’s smartphone’s launch in London, DJ Madeon told that she is really great. she is really interesting and nice person.  From a personal standpoint it has been admirational and there is an aura of superstardom, and you are still a nice and engaging person. Therefore that was really very humbling.

He added that professionally he must tell that she was really amazing. She would come out of a show after singing live for 3 hours and giving it everything, but just go straight to the studio and record. Lady Gaga would still give everything, even on the demo take. She is just really impressive.

The French DJ also stated that collaborating with Lady Gaga has affected the way he works these days on his debut album that is due come out sometime later this year. He told that he learnt a lot because he really does not work with vocalists in real life that often. For his old collaborations, he would never met them while doing the song. It was really very interesting for him to feel the vibe of working together, sitting at the piano and collaborating on ideas right away.

Taylor Kinney to make Valentine’s dinner for Gaga’s dog

Taylor Kinney is cooking special Valentine’s day dish for Lady Gaga’s dog. According to reports, Lady Gaga’s lover Taylor Kinney is making a gourmet Valentine’s dinner for her pet dog named Fozzi to make sure that he does not feel left out in that special occasion.

Gaga’s beau Taylor Kinney, who has been dating Gaga since 2011, is rustling up a gourmet dinner so that Fozzi poodle/ spaniel cross feels the most romantic day of the year quite well.

An insider told a leading newspaper that Taylor Kinney’s making both Lady Gaga and Fozzi medium rare lamb best pieces as well as mashed potatoes with gravy for Valentine’s Day. He added that Taylor knows quite well that Lady Gaga would never want her dog that is a cross between an American cocker spaniel and a toy poodle, to miss the romance and charm of this special occasion.

The ‘Vampire Diaries’ man has even bought a card for Lady Gaga’s pooch, but reports suggest that he has bigger plans for Gaga and he is also hiding the ‘Edge of Glory’ singer’s presents till her dog has gone to bed.

The source also told that he has been jokingly referring to the night as the ‘weird little threesome’ to his pals. After Fozzi goes to sleep, there are some presents that he has planning to give to Lady Gaga, but all that are a secret at this point of time.