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Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk still at the top of Billboard Top Hot 100

Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk!” feat. Bruno Mars, tops the Billboard Hot 100 for a twelfth week. On the other hand, Flo Rida’s “G.D.F.R.” makes its move to top ten, marking the Sunshine State rapper’s very first top ten in over 2 years. “Funk!,” that came via RCA Records, becomes the fifteenth No. 1 in Hot […]

An Analysis of Poker Face Lyrics

Post by Jayme Jones “Poker Face” lyrics, written by Girl Gaga (with some assist from Nadir Khayat) is about many things, but 1 can only believe the primary points of the song are about sex, gambling and more intercourse. Much more to the point, the facades or “poker faces” we put on in courtship with […]

Mini Hair Bow LIke Lady Ga Ga in her Poker Face Video

Warning: One annoyingly cute face at the end of the video. LOL go ahead and bash on it. I will stand my ground and bust out my Ninja Blade…Wahhh Chaaaaa! This Video is replacing my other hair bow tutorial. I hope this helps a bit. It was hard trying to explain how to do this […]

Poker Face Lyrics—What is the Song About?

Article by Jayme Jones What is the song “Poker Encounter” about? The Poker Experience lyrics, created by Woman Gaga, are always the issue of mystery, although pretty much nearly anything Gaga states or sings (or wears) is controversial today. On the surface area, and judging by the songs video clip which exhibits Gaga in numerous […]