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Lady Gaga and Batman and Happy Holidays from the Key of Awesome!

Happy Holidays from The Crucial of Amazing and Barely Political! Click Below TO DOWNLOAD THE SONGS OF Amazing! The Key of Amazing (Deluxe Edition) California Gurls (They’re Unreliable) Single Nervous Man Single Tron Woman Single Frightened (Eminem Parody) Single — SUBSCRIBE AND GET THESE Key OF AWESOME’S Each and every […]

Gaga will steal the crown from Madonna.

Post by Omagonda Born as Stefani Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986, she is at this minute usually known as Lady Gaga across the whole globe. Her acquired popularity arrived very quick, at the time she dropped her really initial album Fame in August 08. On this cd she produced the songs chart topping single […]

Beyonce & Lady Gaga Heels – Ballet Heels Go From Fetish to Mainstream

Post by Virginia Davidson Ballet heels hit the trend and fetish scenes thank you to a push from celebrities and designers alike Thank you to celebrities these kinds of as Beyonce and Lady Gaga, there is a big need for ballet heels. Meg White dusted off this pattern in the White Stripes video clip “Blue […]